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Greece’s trouble-free summer and record tourism

    If you’ve ever been abandoned by a husband, wife, business partner or the lead singer of the band, you’ll know that the last thing your poor bruised ego needs is for your ex to go and immediately achieve huge success. So we can all imagine how thrilled the 27 remaining members of the EU were by Team GB’s  More...

Renewed calls for a permanent Olympic site

  After the Greek team arrived in Rio to find its accommodation partially flooded, the head of the Greek team Isidoros Kouvelos said: “The situation is tragic as far as our accommodation at the Olympic Village is concerned.” He complained of poor plumbing and unfinished bathrooms, blaming many of the problems on workers being unpaid and refusing  More...

Brexit rumours and worry begins to fade

    Whatever your opinion on whether the United Kingdom should stay or leave the European Union, the days after 24th June were a bit strange. Those of us finding ourselves in Continental Europe that day felt either pitied or hated – sometimes both. It didn’t help our confidence when Iceland and its 330,000 population knocked  More...

Prices falling generally, but hotspots emerging

  A two-speed market    Greek property is in a two-speed market, with tourist hotspots seeing price rises while the rest of the country continues to see property prices falling, according to local agents we spoke to. The latest data from the Bank of Greece shows that from the beginning of  More...

What you need to know about the Brexit effect on Greece

The votes are in and counted and the result is the British are leaving the European Union. For some people, the results of that might seem like the end, not only of the campaign but of their dreams for a life in Greece. As any Greek will tell you, however, election and referendum results are just the start of the story. Here we answer some questions on what  More...