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Welcome to the Greece Buying Guide – your one stop shop for safely and securely purchasing your perfect property in Greece. 

There are so many reasons why Greece is a popular choice for would-be British expats; the fantastic climate, the rich cultural history and architecture, the sense of community, the friendly people, and of course, the tasty Greek food. Then, of course, there is the fact that you can purchase a 3 bedroom villa with sea views in Crete for the same price as a parking space in west London – making the choice to purchase a property here almost a no-brainer!
However, when undertaking such a big step as purchasing a property overseas, there are, of course, a number of issues that can arise – and that’s where the Greece Buying Guide comes in. We can help ensure you tread every step of this process with caution, offering advice and guidance from the time you start to research your new dream property until you transfer your funds for completion – after all, if you overlook any of these steps, or rush through the process, problems can arise and lead to stress and a loss of money!
The Greece Buying Guide is a free resource, with detailed information on everything you need to know to securely and successfully purchase property in Greece. We can help you with your initial research into your perfect property, guide you through your viewing trips, and put you in touch with partners who can assist with transferring your currency for your purchase and managing all financial and legal matters – along with helping you settle in upon your arrival.
Our team, based in both Greece and the UK, are able to offer you the most up-to-date and relevant detailed information about all the topics that will affect you the most – and our writers in Greece are expats themselves, meaning they have already made the mistakes and successes that you need to watch out for!

Claim your free copy of the Greece Buying Guide today!

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